About Us

YENİGÜN Machinery Industry Trade Limited Company; In 1984, a workshop started producing with decapping and planing.

Until 1990, YENİGÜN Makine has expanded its product range in response to its customers' personal desires, which are also present in different professions, and have included innovations every year in the production machines ...
Besides our company, we can supply 15 million full capacity per month with 100 machines in the electrical market.
Today, YENİGÜN Makine has become a firm that produces a total area of ​​1500 m2 in the place of Maltepe Industrial Site. Our company, which also serves electrical materials industry, has also caught up with the high quality manufacturing that it has achieved with the firm that has achieved success in the machine and produces electric materials. It is a large family company with a machine park equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a professional staff of 40 persons and a technical staff.
YENİGÜN Machine is a company living in the electricity side industry with the pride of the manufacturer who can work without error for long time in the electrical industry conditions thanks to the importance and support given to working with 700 machines working. With after-sales services, it can intervene on the same day with customers who need breakdown and spare parts.